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Summer Youth Art Camps

RAL's Summer Youth Art Camps are back!

Join us at the RAL Art Center this summer for nine weeks of creative fun! Youth Art Camps will be held in the Art Center’s Pike Studio beginning June 12 and continuing through August 11.

See our offerings below; register by clicking this link. If you prefer, you may register in person at RAL Art Center; please print and fill out this registration form or by phone at 804-436-9309.

If you'd like to print a copy of the Summer Youth Art Camp brochure, click here.

Session Times: Rising 1st – 5th graders in the morning, 9:30 am – 12:30 pm Monday-Friday

Rising 6th – 9th graders in the afternoon, 1:00 – 4:00 pm Monday-Friday

Cost: Fees for one week of half-day classes is $110 per week for RAL members; $126 per week for non-members. Registration is for full weeks only; missed days are not refunded. Please see cost exception for Week #4: Don’t Bug Me! below.

Supplies: All supplies are included in the registration fee.

Week #1 – June 12-16:

Why Be Normal?

Normal is boring. Why not create something unusual and fun? The art of surrealism is unique and anything but normal. It includes grouping things you wouldn’t expect to see together, as well as art inspired by dreams or fantasies. Students will learn about artists who depict alternate realities, like Dali, Arp, and Masson to name a few. Art projects will include painting, collage, and multimedia.

Week #2 – June 19-23: Groovy Art

The 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s ushered in a time in American history where we celebrated all things bright and beautiful in the world. This summer camp will give young artists the opportunity to create works of art in a variety of media that are sure to please. Curriculum will include hip items and objects of the time, bold use of color and design, all things psychedelic and a whole lot of fun. The art during that period was bright, bold, beautiful and had a significant impact on the young people during that time. We know you will LOVE this new summer camp.

Week #3 – June 26-30:

I’m not messy; I’m creative!

Process art is the idea that the journey of creation of art is more important than the final product. Sometimes staying clean gets in the way of creativity. Kids will spend their week learning to create with shaving cream, spaghetti, natural materials, even mud! Parents are asked to ensure that students wear old clothes and shoes; we will do our best to make sure the mess stays in the classroom!

Week #4 - July 5-7: Don’t Bug Me! (Three days only; $66 for members & $76 for non-members)

Summer is here and so are bugs. But don’t worry: no real bugs allowed in class! Instead, campers will use art to interpret our insect friends. Depending on ages, art projects may include making jeweled bugs using embossed foil; a Q-tip dragonfly; a honeybee monoprint painting; glitter beetles; 3d doodlebug; symmetry insect drawing; and an oil pastel relief spider web. This week is short, but packed with fun!

Week #5 – July 10-14: Patterns Galore!

Using bits and pieces of unlikely materials, campers will create awesome geometric designs or pictures. Who knew you could create art with rice, straw, or eggshells – in addition to more traditional materials such as paper, tile, or glass? Depending on ages, students may decorate containers or create wall art, placemats, and coasters!

Week #6 – July 17-21: Art Adventures: Peace, Love, & Rock ‘n’ Roll

Let your inner “hippie” shine through during this exciting summer camp as you learn about and create art that celebrates peace, encourages love and dives deep into the exciting period where rock ‘n roll music was prominent All new art projects will include a large graphic peace sign finished with mosaic techniques, a cool work of art that will brighten any room, a poster like you’ve never seen before. You will have a great week in this camp. You’ll create awesome art and you may even listen to some great rock ‘n roll as you work!

Week #7 – July 24-28:

Wild & Wacky Weaving

Weaving is an ancient art. Campers will learn about different woven products, from baskets to blankets, and will produce samples using many different types of materials. Some projects will include: found object weaving (anything can be a loom!); cardboard weaving; paper weaving; finger weaving (sometimes you don’t even need a loom!); straw weaving; and weaving in the round. Oh, yes, and weaving with fabric and yarn, too!

Week #8 – July 31-August 4:

The Art of Music

Music comes in all genres and this week we will celebrate the beauty of music through the visual arts. From instruments to album covers, from music notes to music movements you will have a fun and fantastic time creating art that will be unlike anything you’ve created before. This week you will create a large poster, an incredible image celebrating all things jazz, and you will design your own album cover expressing what is special and unique to you. Artists will have fun planning for and making great art. We will even study and create some works celebrating Wassily Kandinsky. This week will be full of great music and even more exciting works of art.

Week #9 - August 7-11:

Enter Another Dimension

Say hello to the world of structure and scupture! A simple twist can turn a piece of paper into a 3D flower. Glue a rainbow differently and it will stand. Using a variety of materials and their imagination, kids will create a sculptures with height, width, and depth – no more flat art! Some projects include: a 3d Mehndi hand; 3d cardboard house; bottle body bird; and Chihuly-inspired “glass.”

Please complete a separate registration form for each student. Scholarships may be available. For scholarship information, please contact Sharon Stone at 804-436-9309.

Refund policy – A student may withdraw from a class 5 days or more before the first day of the class and receive a full refund. No refund will be given if the student withdraws within 5 days of the start date or fails to attend one or more classes. If a week of camp is cancelled by the RAL Art Center, all registrants for that week will be notified by phone or email and receive full reimbursement for that week.


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