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2023 Holiday Shop FAQ

Q: What if I haven’t made all of my Holiday Shop items yet? 

A: That’s fine!  All you need is a descriptive label and price.  For example, you may be making some cards, some ornaments, some jewelry, and some centerpieces. Maybe you also know that some of the centerpieces will be large and some a bit smaller, therefore costing two different prices. So, you would enter the name of each type of item with its price on the new inventory form. In this example, you would have five different price points. 


Q: What if I need to add more items to the Holiday Shop during the month? 

A: As long as the newly added items have the same price as one of your inventory sheet categories, that’s absolutely fine.  


Q: Can I raise the price on one category of items in the Shop after it opens? 

A: Think of the inventory sheet in terms of price points, not necessarily unique items.  If your sheet shows one item at $5 and another type of item at $8, you can raise the price of the five-dollar item to $8 just by changing the price on the tag.  It doesn’t matter if the item description matches (although it would really help us to be notified of a price change). 


Q: How will the desk volunteer know the price and vendor? 

A: You should write your last name and the price on each item tag.  The desk volunteer will have a page of barcodes for you that are arranged by price point and will scan in the price that way. 


Q: How will I know if I sold anything? 

A: We can look up sales in the system.  However, each vendor will be responsible for tracking their own inventory amounts.  


Q: What happens if I don’t turn in my inventory form on time? 

A: The deadline of November 14th give us a week to enter vendor information into the point-of-sale system before Holiday Shop setup.  We absolutely cannot have items for sale in the shop that have not yet been entered.  However, we may be able to allow late setup if space allows. We would just have to enter the pricing information as we are able and then notify the vendor when they can bring in their items. 

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