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Snowmageddon to Hit RAL in December

Calling ALL makers of fun things…RAL will be hosting Snowmageddon 2022. What does this mean? Create a snowman/snowwoman/snowperson in any style, format or fashion that must be at least 24” tall. Your creation could be a painting, a sculpture, a work of art in fiber…or whatever you so choose. Your materials can include anything, cardboard, fabric, plastic, cotton, metal, the sky’s the limit.

We ask that your work of art be available to participate in a silent auction with proceeds benefiting RAL. This auction will run throughout December, with the winning bidder taking home each masterpiece at the end of the month. If you would prefer that we not auction your entry that is fine too, just be sure you make note of that.

If you plan to create for Snowmageddon 2022 please contact RAL at 804-436-9309.


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