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New Co-op Artist Sharon Mason

Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Sharon grew up surrounded by art culture and benefited from summer lessons in painting, drawing, and crafts, as well as school art classes. Aside from the obligatory woven potholders in her primary years, she started weaving in high school and was especially excited to realize that even a dried branch can serve as a loom and display framework. Over the years, she experimented with various types of fiber arts to include quilting, spinning, dyeing, knitting, and crochet. All of these tended to result in utilitarian projects, such as scarves, blankets, and bed covers.  However, in 2021, she was inspired by a documentary highlighting tapestry weaving in France. This also happened to occur at about the same time she was returning to painting as a pastime.  The weaver being interviewed said, “If you want to weave a tapestry, you have to know how to paint.” Something clicked and Sharon began researching and practicing the art of tapestry. Although she continues to paint and draw, weaving for her recalls the same soothing enjoyment she felt as a youngster learning to manipulate fabric and yarn. 


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