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New Co-op Artist Mary Ellen Huennekens

Mary Ellen Huennekens lives in Saluda with her husband.  She has three children and five glorious grandchildren.   She is retired from Virginia Commonwealth University where she was an assistant professor in the School of Education.  She enjoys community volunteer opportunities, reading, and making quilts.  She began sewing at age 12 and made her first quilt many years later.   Upon retirement she started Seahorse Quilts, a small cottage business creating and selling fiber art.  Mary Ellen shows her work in galleries in Richmond, Kilmarnock, Urbanna, and surrounding counties.   Her quilted wall hangings have won awards at Arts in the Middle Fine Arts Festival (Urbanna) and the RAL Gallery in Kilmarnock.   


Artist’s statement 

Medium - fiber 

Technique - piecing, couching, embroidery, quilting, 

Subject matter - abstract  

Influences - traditional American quilts; Asian and African quilts methods. 

Aboriginal print fabrics  


Context – I am a self-taught seamstress, quilter, and artist. Colorful fabrics make me happy. My goal as an artist is to inspire that same reaction of joy at the sight of colors and fabrics while honoring the tradition of quilt-making around the world and throughout time.  


I am inspired by colorful fabrics and use quilting-making techniques to showcase colors and patterns. I use yarn, thread, and quilting patterns to create movement,  

texture, and depth in my art. The pieces are not representational but rather are intended to inspire an individual viewer to find meaning, relevance, and joy! 


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