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Holiday Shop 2023: Important Guidelines for Crafters

Streamlining the checkout process for the annual Holiday Shop is one of the most requested pieces of feedback from crafters, customers, and desk volunteers. This year we will have technology on our side – but with some important changes for our crafty vendors.

All items in the Holiday Shop must be entered into our point-of-sale system ahead of time so that we can create barcodes. This means that we must also limit the number of barcodes allotted to each vendor. After consulting with those crafters who attended the Christmas Eve in July planning meeting, we have agreed that each vendor will be allowed 12 unique barcodes for their work.

What does this mean?

Well, for example, a vendor may create an unlimited number of Christmas ornaments that all have the same price of $5; then she/he may create an unlimited number of cards for the price of $7.50. The vendor will have used only two of her/his barcodes.

If the vendor makes stocking stuffers, perhaps stocking stuffer A is large, fluffy, and costs $10; stocking stuffer B is small, wooden, intricate, and costs $12; stocking stuffer C is small, wooden, simple and costs $5. In that case, the vendor will have used three barcodes.

So, we are asking all potential vendors to think about this new way of organizing their work. Think in terms of categories – each to be represented by a single barcode – instead of a unique inventory or item number. If a vendor needs a unique barcode for each item, then that vendor will be able to enter only 12 items into the Holiday Shop. However, if vendors can group several types of items into a price category, such as “Christmas Ornament, $5,” or “Stocking Stuffer, $10,” then those vendors will essentially have limitless opportunities for sales.

The main goal of this process is to eliminate any manual entry of items or prices. If everything can be scanned, the checkout time will be much, much shorter. This will lead to happier customers, happier volunteers, and more sales for vendors overall. Who knows? Maybe this will be the happiest holiday season ever!

See the PDF form on our website to guide your category creation. It can be turned in from now until November 14, 2023. Any inquiries may be directed to Charles Breakwell at

Happy crafting!


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