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A Day in the Life” Takes First Place

The March Exhibit at the RAL Art Center is “A Slice of Life”, art that depicts moments in ordinary life. A wide variety of subject matter and artistic styles will come to life and entertain the eye. You may find portraits of cherished family members and pets, still life arrangements, street scenes , glorious sunrises and sunsets and works of whimsy. Mary Grafton Yagel, former Art Teacher in Lancaster County, judged the exhibit, and awards were given at the First Friday Reception on March 4th. The Judge awarded First Place to “A Day in the Life” by Bob Casazza for his acrylic and vinyl 2-D painting of the Beatles with many different portraits and scenes from their legacy. Mary Grafton Yegel stated “An overwhelming reminder of the past that still is drawing our attention today”.

Second Place went to “Williamsburg Blacksmith” oil painting on linen by Cate Kauffman. Third Place was awarded to “Scraps:2018-2021”, a large wall hanging of felt and silk fiber sewn on a silk background by Barbara Brecher

Honorable Mentions were awarded to the following artists:

“The New Kitten”, pastel painting by Mel Neale

“Lucy The Key West Sidewalk Entertainer”, watercolor painting by Robert Schuler

“Princess of the Fields”, oil painting by Mike Dirle

“Down the Bay”, watercolor painting by Carol Vaughn

“Quiet Time”, watercolor painting by Ellen Huddy

RAL Art Center is partially supported by VMFA, NEA and RCCF


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