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RAL Partners with the Boys & Girls Club

“It is with much excitement that I share an important partnership between RAL and the Boys & Girls Club of both the Kilmarnock and Northumberland locations,” states Doug Mock RAL Executive Director. Starting in September, RAL will now be managing and delivering classroom activities for the Boys & Girls Club Art+ program.

The Art+ program is offered to children at both locations who have selected the visual arts as one of their club activities. Karen Williams and RAL member Bonnie Hughes will jointly plan for, manage and oversee classes for these young artists. Up to 16 children in Kilmarnock and 12 children in Northumberland will participate.

RAL will call on its talented pool of artists and educators to inspire and teach (or assist) a variety of classes in a multitude of media. “It is very important that members of the RAL family roll up their sleeves and volunteer a few hours to inspire these young artists,” states Mock.

This partnership aligns perfectly with RAL’s mission to build a strong and robust program for ALL area youth. Now is the time to begin making a difference in the lives of these children. If you are interested in leading a class, or simply helping out in one of our weekly classes please reach out to us.


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