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RAL October Window Artists – Gloria Clifford and Ellen Huddy

October brings the change of seasons and the RAL Art Center Gallery Windows will change as well. This month our two featured artists will be Gloria Clifford and myself, Ellen Huddy.

I started out in the world of "Commercial Art", as it was then known in 1973, doing illustrations and graphic layouts. Although I enjoyed this kind of graphic design art, I had always wanted to learn to paint. After moving to the Northern Neck in 2013, I had the opportunity to do so by becoming a member of the RAL Art Center. There, I started with beginner watercolor classes and progressed through different levels with various instructors over the years. Not only have I greatly enjoyed and benefited from these classes, but I have also enjoyed getting to know and being inspired by the many talented artists I've met there.

The beauty of the rural countryside and the Chesapeake Bay waters are my inspiration! My Window will feature some watercolors of boats and landscapes which have captured my interest. Each painting I do represents a moment or an experience in my life, often working from a photo which was taken by either myself or a friend or family member. Although these moments are unique to me, they are not uncommon experiences, and it is my hope that the viewer may also identify with that moment and appreciate what it may mean to them. If you have experienced the wonderful waters of the rivers of the NNK, you may have seen a classic sailboat in a quiet anchor; or experienced a Lazy Sail on the Rappahannock; or watched an approaching thunder cloud off of Windmill Point.

Love of the ocean began for Gloria when she was living in West Palm Beach, Florida many years ago and would often scuba dive in the Florida Keys, experiencing the beautiful and fragile coral reefs there. From these experiences she uses her imagination to create her paintings, evidenced by her large painting exhibited in the Gallery Windows entitled, She Dreams Among Fishes. When creating this kind of imagery she feels that she “must also become that mermaid and I must imagine how it might feel to live within the sea…. And I wonder, what is she dreaming?” Viewing Gloria’s intense turquoise waters, complimented by warm yellows and oranges, will make you want to also dream about visiting the sea. You can be there virtually just by coming to see the Gallery Windows at the RAL Art Center!

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