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New Co-op Artist Annie Barsky

I love spending time in nature, especially photographing it in all its beauty. I especially love that photography gives me a chance to wander and drift while investigating life around me. Washington, DC, the Northern Neck, and my travels provide me subject matter for my landscapes, animal and bird photography, and street photography. In the spring, I rarely miss an opportunity to photograph the iconic cherry blossoms in Washington, DC or the thousands of colorful tulips at Hillwood Estate or the forsythia at Dumbarton Oaks. My bedroom on the Northern Neck serves as a bird watching venue as I watch the antics of the blue jays, squirrels, and osprey. Recently, I have focused on photographing birds and wildlife in their natural habitats or in big landscapes. I try to catch a gesture or unlock the meaning of an animal’s ritual movement. Most importantly, I hope my photography brings joy, a smile, or an emotional impact to the viewer as I express my fascination with the natural world.  


 I am happy that years ago, my dear friend and RAL artist, Linda Goldstein, introduced me to the gallery. After attending the Heist fundraiser, I decided to join to support its artists and its mission. Now I have a new mission and challenge to entertain viewers with my photography. 


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