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May Gallery Windows

Malia Joy began creating pottery as a hobby.  Now that she has retired, Malia has more time to focus on her craft. She enjoys making pots on the wheel, hand-building, and learning new surface decoration techniques.  She recently started using the sgraffito technique, which involves carving or scratching a design to reveal the color of the clay underneath the glaze.

Dave Hershiser shares that painting and drawing have been lifelong interests and passions for him. Dave’s favorite artists are the Hudson River School painters. He likes their portrayal of the beauty and grandeur of nature and their use of the qualities of luminescence and atmospheric effects. Dave paints with oils or acrylics and tries to capture these same qualities in his paintings.

Linda Dessaint grew up in rural New Hampshire and found magic and joy in nature. As she grew and traveled, this source of inspiration never changed. Linda enjoys plein-air painting and over the past 25 years has been creating with soft pastel and oil.


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