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August Windows

The RAL Art Center window displays will highlight the artwork of two artists, Patty Cunningham and Patty Richards. Enjoy the variety of abstract paintings, representational paintings, as well as power tool wood carvings completed by these talented artists.

Patty Richards is an accomplished and well-known Northern Neck artist. She grew up in Alexandria, Virginia, graduating from Virginia Tech with a degree in Landscape Architecture. Art has always played an integral part in Patty's life. In 2010, she moved to the Northern Neck and, with some friends, opened a small art gallery in Irvington. Gallery 15, as it was known, started out as a co-op and later opened as Patty's own private art studio and gallery. In 2016, she moved her studio to West Church Street in Kilmarnock where it stands today. Patty has worked in watercolor, acrylic, oil and cold wax, creating both representational and abstract works. Her latest medium came as a surprise to everyone, Patty included! "Today, I wield a chain saw creating figurative sculpture out of found logs." So far, she has been inspired to create figures which she describes as "forming the feminine". Three of these sculptures are featured in the RAL Art Center's August Windows. Patty's acrylic abstract painting hangs behind these as a beautiful backdrop. Patty would tell you that she creates because she has no choice . Whatever she creates illustrates her innate talent and emotional interpretation of her inner and outer worlds. Nothing she creates, however, is complete until the observer has had the opportunity to add their own individual experience to the meaning of the piece. You will have just that opportunity when viewing her new works in the Gallery Windows.

Patty Cunningham works in acrylics, painting a variety of subjects and themes. Her works are known for her use of bold colors and highly focused details. The RAL Gallery Window art will include her colorful creation of a Pelican as well as additional artwork.

Born in Ft Lee Virginia, she attended Dinwiddie High School, where she found her love of art, including sewing, crafting and painting. During her career years, she cultivated her creative skills, completing many projects and paintings. She fills custom requests on commission and exhibits her work in public spaces and shows.

Patty is a self-taught artist who excels in acrylic painting. Since retirement, she has found the joy of creating and sharing her painting. As a full time artist, she feels more passion for her work than ever before.


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