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Karen Williams

I have always had an interest in art but life seemed to get in the way of pursuing that interest until my retirement. I consider myself a realist painter, specializing in oils. Travel in my retirement years has been the inspiration for most of my paintings. I take pleasure in transforming my memories from a small photo into a larger piece of work for both my enjoyment and others. Sometimes my subject matter may seem off-the-wall but one of my favorite compliments was that my painting made someone giggle or smile.

I am an unhurried, deliberate painter and the slow-drying properties of oils allows me the freedom to make adjustments (change my mind!) while I am creating. I usually work on more than one painting at a time and I often step away from a particular piece of work for weeks until my interest is restored.

I don’t expect my work to inspire deep thought – just bring a smile.

Karen Williams
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