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Mary Ellis

At 5 years old my life as an artist started in school with my first puppet show set-design. From that moment on art was a way of life. It is a tool that is always there. I used it in my fashion coordinating, interior design, and basic life needs. I began painting realistically in oils, but today I use acrylics for my somewhat graphic abstract art. I love color.

The nicest compliments I receive about my art is that, “they love the colors, and my art makes them smile.” How great is that? Most people recognize my art by the colors. They are bold and fun. Most of us develop our own unique style.

I love painting a new painting because you are creating something that you have not done before. The plain canvas is the birth of the piece of art, and the result is the surprise that is waiting. In the past 6 months I have done several commission pieces. I take the client’s ideas and colors, and I try to create what they might want or need. It is quite challenging, but very rewarding. Each art piece is a journey.

Mary Ellis
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